We are glad that you are interested in finding out about the service experience you can expect from us.  We work with any architect, interior designer, home improvement contractor or even the “Do-It-Yourself” home improvement enthusiast.  If you are in need of a contractor, we have developed strong relationships over the years with several craftsmen and will be happy to provide you with some recommendations.


We begin with a personal consultation in the convenience of your home to better understand your lifestyle, remodeling desires and vision.  We will review a variety of options, like the cabinet construction you prefer; various wood species, door styles and profiles, and any specialty finishes or glazes you may desire.    Depending on the project, other topics of discussion could include appliance preferences, sink types and any other specialty features.  Detailed measurements will be recorded for use in the CAD design software.

Placing the order

Based on your selections, the spatial design is created and reviewed with you for any additional modifications.  Once the final design rendering has your approval and we receive an initial deposit, the order is submitted to the manufacturer and your cabinetry will be constructed to specifications outlined in the design.


Once your cabinetry is completed and ready for delivery, we ensure all items are received and your craftsmen can begin the transformation.